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Growing Our Mission

We were founded on the principles of helping others despite their challenges. With the mission and vision in mind, future programming will include:

  • Single-parent Supportive Services Program

  • Single Mothers Transitional Program

  • Expanding Senior Transportation Program to include Handicap-Accessible vehicles.

If you are interested in supporting our mission of helping others in the community, please click the link below:

Succeeding Despite Inc. takes pride in every hour of service. It focuses on the planning, designing, and tracking of each program for effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and overall match with our Mission and Vision. 


VIP Student Transportation Program

Our VIP Student Transportation Program has been designed with children and parents in mind.  Our VIP programs have a personalized, comfortable experience with private or semi-private trips to/from your destination for one affordable price. VIP to us means we tailor each trip based on our client’s needs and can be flexible to give our clients the ability to succeed despite any obstacle. Our focus is to make a meaningful impact on those we serve, and our transportation programs have completed dozens of trips and enhanced the lives of our clients.

The program will safely transport children to and from school in the Central and Southern parts of Maryland and provide trip summaries upon request. From our first trip, we want to engage with our young VIP clients to build trust while establishing reliability and a positive relationship among the parents.

Our drivers undergo extensive background checks and training, and our vehicles undergo regularly scheduled maintenance and pre-trip checks daily. Succeeding Despite Inc. takes extreme pride in our services and will adjust our services to meet the needs of our youngest clients whenever possible.


When you see our logo, you know quality and dependable service is on the job!

VIP Student Transportation Request

Please complete the request form below and a team member will be in touch soon with a quote and to discuss your child's needs. We are pleased to be of service to your family!!

School Level:
Trip Request:
Mornings and Afternoon

Veterans Supportive Services Program

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt support to our esteemed veterans through all our programs! Our journey began with the honor of serving our very first client, a proud Veteran.

Through our VSS Program, we deliver top-tier, specialized care ensuring veterans attend crucial medical appointments, run errands, and embark on trips they rightfully deserve. Our transportation services alleviate concerns for their loved ones, who may face their own life challenges.

Regular visits to the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC, and other essential destinations provide our veterans with the peace of mind and comprehensive care they deserve. Join us in celebrating their service with dignity and respect!

EXCITING NEWS!! We have taken all three components of our beloved services....and created the

Extended Family Program

We are helping some of the most vulnerable in our community succeed by providing Supportive Transportation, Errands, and Senior Services to our older adults and those who need personalized assistance. 

Below is a description of each component of our program... 

Senior Services

Advocacy can take on many forms. Succeeding Despite Inc. can assist with the completion and submittal of forms, calling on behalf of a client, or arranging for services inside or outside of the home. For life-changing events such as a medical condition, arrangements may need to be made before coming home, and we can lend a hand there too!

Supportive Transportation

We provide top-notch safe, personalized supportive transportation services to Seniors or anyone needing a customized touch.  All drivers care about our client's safety and well-being and will go above and beyond to ensure a pleasurable experience! We offer door-to-door private and van service with an escort to ensure safety and a successful trip to appointments or the store.  

Here's our take on Supportive Transportation...

Getting Out of Limousine
Package Delivery
Package Delivery

Errand Services

On those days when you need something but do not want to leave the house, Suceeding Despite Inc. can help. With your authorization, we can pick up medication, groceries, or other items with one phone call. This service can be coupled as a package with our Supportive Transportation or Senior Services to give that "helping hand" that's greatly needed. 

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